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The Zetter Townhouse – civil Clerkenwell

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Clerkenwell has been something of a hotbed of subversion, innovation and general craziness for a considerable part of London’s history.  Along the way, it has acquired a number of interesting bars and restaurants but, on the whole, they arch toward the hipsterish, too-cool-for-school end of the aspirational arc.  It is therefore particularly useful that the Zetter Townhouse’s Cocktail Lounge was created in St John’s Square, so that less raucous, more refined souls can have a fabulous place in which to imbibe.

The colour-saturated, maximalist décor, comfortable seating and cozy proportions create a sense of seclusion and intimacy not common to many high-profile bars.  The cocktails are taken quite seriously, here, and the prices remain rather reasonable, by London’s heady standards.  We should also mention the well-trained staff, who project genuine welcome, rather than deadpan efficiency.  The owners recommend booking on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when live music is played.


The Cocktail Lounge at the Zetter Townhouse
49-50 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JJ
Tel.: 020 7324 4545

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